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Fort Walton Beach rock breaking and removal

When rock breaking and removal without dynamite is necessary, Aitken's On Demand Lawncare & Landscaping provides the expertise that only a qualified excavation service can offer with safe and effective services offered at affordable rates for residential or industrial clients in Fort Walton Beach.

Safe methods for rock excavation

The work crew at Aitken's On Demand Lawncare & Landscaping is available to discuss and review options which include:

  • Various techniques of specialized and adapted jack hammering
  • Rock and concrete drilling
  • Excavator mounted hydraulic hammering
  • Hand held rock breaking for hard to access areas
  • The application of expansion compounds as a safe and alternative method for breaking rock
  • Additional customized concrete breaking options that never include dynamite

Safe and efficient rock removal and transport

Aitken's On Demand Lawncare & Landscaping excavation experts are highly skilled in rock breaking in areas that are difficult to access and in close proximity to structural foundations and basements. We adapt our services to any challenge that requires rock breaking and disposal in Fort Walton Beach.

Removal and disposal of all debris is carried out in an organized manner and made simple with Aitken's On Demand Lawncare & Landscaping’s advanced machinery and hauling equipment. Regardless of the size or difficulty of your project, Aitken's On Demand Lawncare & Landscaping excavators will have your residential or industrial site cleared as quickly as possible and abides by the strictest of safety standards. Fully insured and highly qualified, our Fort Walton Beach rock breaking crew has years of experience and makes customer safety and satisfaction a top priority.

Follow up services

Aitken's On Demand Lawncare & Landscaping also provides knowledgeable advice and additional services for filling freshly excavated areas with either soil or gravel to complete a job according to need. Call (850) 499-6798 for more information and a free onsite estimate.